Writing services offered by Scrivener Shine Edits:

  • SEO Copywriting – Scrivener Shine Edits creates copy that contains the key phrases/keywords your target customer types into a search box (think Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) to find information on the internet. I write copy that helps boost your website’s search engine rankings. The goal is to land at the top of a potential client’s search. I can help you get there. I specialize in balancing writing for search engines and writing for people. Landing at the top of a reader’s search will be of no benefit to your organization if what follows the ‘click’ to get to your website is not understandable. I am in the business of making your company’s products and services appealing to the person searching for that given product or service. My job is to turn those readers into your clients.
  • Legal Content Writer – As a former paralegal, I offer a level of service that sets me apart from the “typical” Legal Writer. As a rarity, I am well-versed in both common law practice and civil law practice. Most recently, I extended my legal support services as an Administrative Law Senior Paralegal and a Family Law Paralegal for a local legal aid office in the state of Louisiana. I am highly experienced in creating legal memos, briefs, research memoranda, and appellate briefs. As a representative of those individuals whose income fell below the federal poverty line, I am well aware of the importance of words and their placement. Formally, I was a Litigation Paralegal and Case Manager in the state of Colorado, handling personal injury, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability Appeals cases, wrongful death cases, nursing home complaints, and big truck accident cases. My experience in these areas afford me the knowledge needed to produce the body copy your firm needs to gain clients and to retain the ones you already have through informative writing.
  • Ghostwriter – Scrivener Shine Edits creates material for companies to use as their own work. As a ghost, my role is to step in where you might fall short. What do I mean by this? Everyone is better at some things than others. Some people are good at a thing, but just do not have the time to do it. Here’s the straight-talk version of my duties as your ghostwriter: I write a good, clean and clear version of what you want to say, but perhaps can’t find the words to say. I will do the same for you if you have the skill to write that good, clean and version, but don’t have the time. I work with you to determine what you want to say and who you want to say it to. My ghostwriting services extend from the creation of website articles, blog posts, to assisting you in developing that book you’ve always wanted to write.

Editing services offered by Scrivener Shine Edits:

  • Developmental Editor – Scrivener Shine Edits helps the writer get your book ready for publication. I will be one of your greatest sources of support, but I will also be your sternest, strictest “eye” of correction regarding tone, structure, and audience. My goal as your Developmental Editor is to see to that you reach your goal as a bestselling author. I can help you develop better writing skills. I am your plot hole repair person. My focus is on the setting, timeline, characterization, pacing, presentation, and marketability of what will be your literary masterpiece.
  • Line Editor – As your Line Editor, I provide line editing services to address your creative content, writing style, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level. I closely examine your soon-to-be-bestseller for run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and clichés. I help you clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, and ensure that each sentence sounds right in the reader’s mind. Holding your reader’s attention is just as important as capturing it in the first place. Readability, flow, and meaning are considered in all aspects. I place special focus on conciseness as readers want to grasp what’s happening in five words instead of being dragged through a 15-word sentence that is poorly written.
  • Proofreading – Scrivener Shine Edits offers that “last line of defense” before your book is sent to print. I look for typos and misplaced punctuation, issues like page numbering, consistency with headings, placement of tables of figures in the text, bad line or page breaks, and anything else that can and will snatch the reader’s attention from the book’s content.